Why Do We Get Fat

Why Do We get Fat? Still in 2010 for the Same Reasons

The man who ate nothing but McDonalds Big Macs for one month Morgan Spurlock in the movie Super Size Me proved a point to many people as to why some people get fat and not others.

For three square meals a day Spurlock ate at McDonalds and did he get fat? He ate the fake fries, plastic slices of cheese, buckets of Coke, The changes in his body were evident and the research indicated that he suffered from the side effects of a plastic diet:

Headaches, depression, he got sick to his stomach and his liver as his doctors joked to him was turning into mush trying to detox all that fat and chemicals. His blood fat levels or cholesterol levels shot up over 60 points also.

Spurlock’s movie and experiment follows the one in 1972 by Don Gorske from Wisconsin who has eaten over 20,000 Mcburgers and is not fat.

Why do some people get fat while others metabolize fat better and show less characteristics of overindulgence in fatty foods?

Maybe we can explain some of the factors that make you fat so you can adjust your diet plan accordingly and eat more of what doesn’t contribute to your weight.

1) Genetics plays some role in families that are obese and studies show that the body mass indicators accounts for only 5 percent of fat distribution. What about the other 95 percent of fat gain and is it do to our modern lifestyle of inactivity sitting in front of the television or computer?

2) Activity plays a role if a person is under active with little exercise during the day the excess fat will accumulate while other more active individuals seem to burn off fat by sheer movement. This is a lifestyle change that is free, easy to do, you can do it with friends and family and exercise or even a daily walk can burn your excess fat.

3) Enzymes are needed to help digest your food on a cellular level they also do some repairs. The body can not use food until the enzymes do their work first in breaking down food. These digestive enzymes also are needed to burn fat in your body. Is it any wonder that fruits and vegetables help digestion and actually burn fat at the same time? As so many of our foods are stripped of enzymes and replaced with chemicals and additives that have no nutritional value we have to make the effort to eat more natural foods not at McDonalds.

Double bonus and here are some of those foods you need to snack on:

Fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, berries such as strawberries and raspberries.
Vegetables such as cucumber slices, carrot sticks, cabbage or slaw homemade, and small tomatoes.

These are the best enzyme producing foods you can eat right now to curb your fat and help you digestion.

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