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Super Food Acai Berry Health Benefits

Recent claims about the acai berry have been pretty amazing. While there is some scientific proof that has been tested on this fruit, it has still been advertised as one of the best nutritional finds ever and it has been advertised as a miracle cure for everything from obesity to cancer.

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Toxins Can Make Us Fat

Chronic obesity and weight problems have led to serious outcries in recent years, specifically in the United States. Many feel it's the fault of fast food outlets and rather laid-back, sedentary lifestyles, but actually research has shown that there are quite a few factors that can be traced back to environmental toxins as well as toxin build-up in the body as a result of artificial preservatives. The link between toxins and obesity has shown that the two are directly linked in what appears to be a spiral, mutually feeding of each other, that's actually getting worse.

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