Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

The most healthy foods are sometimes the exotic, unique fruits that look like the Dragon Fruit and it its own beauty there are many health benefits.

What is a Dragon Fruit

Often called a Pitaya the Dragon Fruit is a hot pink colored fruit with green tips that look like scales and has a funky look to it and readily grown on plantations in South America, the Phillipines and Central America tropical zones.

The fruit is also grown in Mexico, China, southeast asia countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan and is often called the Dragon Cactus since it is part of the cactus family. The fruit can grow in a California climate also or in greenhouses or your own backyard if your lucky enough to live in a warm climate.

Benefits of Dragon FruitPhoto: A Dragon Fruit Farm-where the dragon fruit plants grow 15 feet tall

The following picture will give you a better look at this exotic looking fruit on the outside it seems even prehistoric in nature.

The flowers of the Dragon Fruit mysteriously bloom only at night, hence it is called ” Queen of the Night” also. By sunrise, the flowers start to fade and by noon the flowers will die in the hot sun.

The Amazing Dragon FruitPhoto: The Dragon Fruit on the outside has a hot pink skin with green tipped scales that looks Pre-historic

If you think this is strange you should see the inside of the Dragon Fruit

Benefits of Dragon FruitPhoto: Inside the Dragon fruit it has tiny black seeds similar to a Kiwi Fruit, and a white fleshy part approximately 4 inches long.

What does the Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

For some people, the less adventurous of us would say what does this dragon fruit look like anyway? Well, I tasted one for the first time yesterday and was left amazed at how this fruit looks and tastes like which is a cross between a kiwi and a pear flavor.

It is juicy, in the center and I sliced the fruit in half and removed the flesh with a spoon from the skin.  All parts of the fruit are edible and in some countries they make a jam from the Dragon Fruit pink skin.

I kept the fruit in the fridge until I was ready for it and just ate the whole thing which was marvelously refreshing due to the amount of juice it contained.  The Dragon Fruit has a smooth texture, tasty and juicy

Dragon Fruit’s Medicinal Properties

Dragon fruit has been reported to reduce bad cholesterol, promotes appetite, moisturizes skin, prevents constipation, urinary tract infections, clears vision and promotes balanced blood sugars. As well Dragon Fruit is said to strengthens bones and teeth formation in children.

In the Asian culture the Dragon Fruit is revered and treasured for its medicinal properties especially in lowering blood pressure for the elderly. Also for those with a poor diet, the prevention of diabetes Type II is also a desirable benefit of this super food.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

This healthy fruit is rich in vitamin C, protein, fiber, iron, riboflavin, calcium, Vitamin A and is packed with nutrients that fight cancer, prevent disease and can be found virtually in every store that sells fruit.

Health Tip of the Day

For people that are bored with their fruit intake and limiting themselves to apples, oranges and bananas each day, the tip of the day is to try a new fruit each week.  Introduce yourself to a new fruit or vegetable each week and get away from the apples and oranges for a change.  Researchers prove that a variety of fruits and vegetables provides a greater range of nutrients instead of eating the same types all the time.


I chose the Dragon fruit for this article because it intrigued me enough to investigate this marvelous fruit and I urge you to take the time to enjoy this fabulous healthy- Super Food.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit