Three reasons as to why intermittent fasting is effective for weight loss

The fact is that intermittent fasting exclusively for losing weight has been a hot topic for datable for several years. There are many, who are of the opinion that it tends to deprive the body of specific nutrient, whereas others have a strong belief that it is indeed a healthy and wonderful choice to avail, since it does come with huge numbers of health benefits.

About intermittent fasting , 

Before going ahead with it, one has to understand as to what is intermittent fasting all about. It can be stated that this type of fasting is getting all the more popular among health conscious people across the globe. The reason is because, it has been producing excellent results within a short time span.

When it comes to defining ‘IF’, it is termed to be a procedure where there is involved a period of eating and another period of not eating food. The time period varies depending upon the type of fasting program that is selected.  One can choose fasting for twice a week for 24 hours, which is popularly followed by many across the globe.

Why this particular process is effective? Reasons cited for its success:

  • Loss of weight: While fasting to reduce obesity, the person effectively reduces overall weekly intake of calories, since the person would not be eating on those fasting days. It along tends to promote loss of weight in an effective manner, as calorie gets reduced. Besides this, the body is likely to use the stored fat, thereby resulting in helping the person to become lean and thin.
  • No stringent diet plan (eating what is desired): Fasting is not to be compared with any of the typical diet program that is present, where the person is required to count calories constantly or watch what is being consumed. On those days, when the person is not fasting, he can eat normally, while reducing significantly or simply not eating on those days of fasting. This particular method tends to reduce the calorie numbers that is being taken on weekly basis and to promote healthy loss of weight, which is sustainable, as the person is not depriving himself of his favorite foods.
  • Leading a healthier lifestyle: It has been shown by studies that intermittent fasting does help to cleanse the body, regulate blood pressure, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and to assist in warding off diseases like Alzheimer’s. Moreover, it can enhance the person’s mental alertness, energy and metabolism levels.

In case, the person desires to enhance the results of his weight loss, then having this method added to the workout routine can be just perfect. Working out adequately several days in a week can help towards speeding up weight amount that is lost. At the same time, when it comes to eating, one should consume only well balanced, healthy foods that are good for  health. This does include lots of vegetables and fruits,  combined with drinking plenty of water, which in turn can help to eliminate those harmful toxins in the body.

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